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Strike Force Heroes 2 Hacked

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StrikeForceHeroes2HackedStrike Force Heroes 2 Hacked is an action game that is part of the Strike Force Heroes 2. It is a shooter sequel action game. The mission in this game is simple. A few astronauts are on a space station hundreds of miles above the earth. Their backup generator breaks down, therefore they need to fix it, and so the astronaut (known as Mick) is sent to repair it. Mick repairs it and returns to the space station. But as he meets with Houston, the space station commander, they are attacked by unknown force. They kill as many invaders as possible, but it turns out that they are too many and finally they are overpowered. The team must ask for backup and train hard to conquer the invaders. The player is sent to a space station orbiting the earth and the mission is to do repairs to the station and get it operational again. This, however, is not an easy task one has to fight and shoot so many enemies on the way. There are 15 levels that a player will have to conquer to finish the mission. The game has many unique features with hundreds of weapons to be unlocked in each level conquered. A player has an option of selecting from 5 different fighters that he can use to complete his mission. In Strike Force Heroes 2 Hacked one can enjoy 127 bloods. A player can also upgrade by passing the level 1 experience. One can also level up four unique classes to unlock multiple skill, many weapons, and killstreaks, to customize your layout. The game will test the players gaming skills. Customize 5 soldiers with unique abilities with hundreds of lethal weapons, armor upgrades, attachments and camouflages. Use arrow keys to move, jump and bend your soldier, aim and shoot with the mouse. You can pick between 4 different classes to play: Engineer, juggernaut, General, and sniper. Each of them has their own special weapons, weaknesses, and strengths. Set your own weapons in the soldiers menu. Use "Q" to switch them in battle. Kill as many enemies as possible to unlock new weapons and abilities. Use Strike Force Heroes 2 Hacked hacks : "Press 7" to get unlimited money, "Press 8" to toggle invulnerability, "Press 9" to toggle infinite armor and rapid fire. Have a good time playing this interesting game online for free at our website just visit and enjoy Strike Force Heroes 2 Hacked version is all you need.

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